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The Syrian National Army under Construction and SAMs the Result

According zamanalwsl.net, many representatives of the heads of military councils and battalions in the Syrian provinces are going to hold a meeting on 17th or 21st of this month on the Turkish-Syrian borders to get unified. It’s expected that Brigadier-General Mohammed al-Haj is going to attend the meeting in addition to many politicians and pressure is going to be put on all of them to unify.

The first result of the unification, if it took place, will be providing the Syrian rebels with SAMs. This will be supported by Arab, regional and International powers that want them to form one military structure in order to be able to control the qualitative weapons in the future. The source says that this structure is going to be the Syrian National Army. The source added, “The idea is simple: ‘Unify the military forces under a strong effective leadership to receive qualitative weapons able to neutralize the regime’s air force and afterwards they will be able  establish a buffer-zone. The Military Council–within the structure of the the SNA (Syrian National Army)–will station in this buffer-zone in addition to the transitional government.'”

A well informed source within the Syrian opposition has earlier told me that the FSA in Turkey received training on anti-aircraft and anti-armored vehicles weapons and they are waiting a political decision from the American administration to take these weapons inside Syria. It seems this unification of battalions and military councils is to fulfill one of the prerequisites to receive the SAMs.


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