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Regime’s Top Sunni Defects – General Manaf Mustafa Tlass Flees to Turkey

Well, we’ve been hearing of this defection for months. Why did not the Syrian intelligence stop him? I do not buy this defection. Something is still unclear.

I think the cause maybe one of these:

1- He is feeling Assad is over and trying to save himself any retaliation for his and his fathers actions.

2- Being one of the few Sunni high Generals in the Army who defect, he is showing himself as a someone who might take the lead of Syria in the future.

3- Some arrangements inside the regime in which Tlass takes Assad position and in return the Alawite Generals keep controlling Syria in a kind of Egyptian Military Council which Tlass might head.

For Sure, this defection is not for Syria’s sake.  Time will tell

leave you with the article on Syria Comment


General Manaf Tlass, One of Syria’s top Sunni Military Figures from the Inner-circle of Bashar al-Assad, has Defected.
munaf tlass
Bashar al-Assad and Manaf Tlass, sons of the President and Defense Minister, attending military training in the 1990s

Addendum: My sources in Damascus say that Manaf’s house is being ransacked earlier today. The source went by the house in person.

Spokesperson of Turkish foreign Ministry: Two high rank officers in the Syrian Army have arrive to Turkey during the last three days. He didn’t wish to reveal their names. However, there are wide range media speculation that one of those officers is Manaf Tlas, the son of EX Syrian Defence Minister

Kim Ghattas (@BBCKimGhattas)
7/5/12 2:10 PM
Message posted by one of Tlass brothers on social media seems to confirm they have defected #Syria

Zaid Benjamin (@zaidbenjamin)
7/5/12 11:08 PM
‏عاجل: المخابرات الفرنسية اشرفت على عملية تهريب العميد مناف مصطفى طلاس من سوريا حيث وصل اليوم الى باريس ‎‪- Says that French intelligence are overseeing his transportation to Paris, where he arrived today.

For 16 months the opposition has been complaining that elite Sunnis have not defected. That complaint can now, officially, be put to rest if the stories of Manaf’s flight prove to be true. In March it was rumored that he had led with his father and brother, but those stories were false.

Manaf Tlass, the son of ex-Defense Minister (1972 – 12 May 2004), Mustafa Tlass, has fled the country. Mustafa Tlass was instrumental in smoothing the way for Bashar to assume power after the death of his father.

When Hafez al-Assad died in June 2000, his son Bashar was immediately promoted in military rank by Defense Minister Mustapha Tlass. He was also made secretary-general of the Baath Party whereas Manaf became a member of the Party’s Central Committee and an officer in the Republican Guard.

On Tuesday, all of Syria was buzzing that Manaf had defected but there was no confirmation. His Honda had supposedly turned up in the Rukn ad-Din neighborhood of Damascus, but he was no where to be found. Rumors of his possible defection were wide-spread on Twitter.

Syria-Steps, an on-line news source in Syria that is known for being pro-regime, has just confirmed the rumors. It claims:
أكد مصدر أمني رفيع المستوى “لسيرياستيبس” فرار العميد مناف مصطفى طلاس إلى تركيا..
“A highly placed source in intelligence has confirmed that General Manaf Mustafa Tlass has fled to Turkey.”

Manaf Tlass’s father and brother, Firas who is a leading businessman, are believed to be out of the country. The father had gone to Paris on the pretext of getting medical attention. Firas is said to be in Dubai. It is not clear where the women and children of his family are.munaf tlass

Manaf Tlass was a close confidant of Bashar from his earliest days and part of his inner circle or “shille”, which included people, such as his cousins Rami and Hafiz Makhlouf, Mudar al-Assad (son of Rifaat), Nader Qala’i (ex-CEO of Syriatel and business partner to Rami) Yazan Aslan (son of Ali Aslan, Chief of Staff)

Manaf is as handsome as a movie star and carried a lot of authority. He was a true military guy and had spent his entire life in the military, unlike Bashar. People close to him say that when he walked into a room, all eyes turned to him. Not only did women find him attractive, but men did as well. He carried himself with an air of self-confidence and authority. He is smart, dashing and cunning.

The word is that Manaf had been told to solve the Harasta and Duma problems (the growing uprising on the outskirts of Damascus). He did a good job by negotiating with the opposition leaders in both suburbs, agreeing that both government forces and opposition would pull back. The Alawi leadership said “no, that is not how we are going to do this.” They pushed him aside and came down like a ton of bricks on the opposition in both neighborhoods, in an effort to assert state authority and crush the uprising through military means.

Manaf supported a policy of negotiation, flexibility and compromise. He was overruled by the military leadership and has since looked for a way out.

If he has indeed fled the country, the regime will be thrown back on its heels. Manaf is perhaps the most senior Sunni in the regime because he was a close friend of Bashar, he came from the Tlass family which had been at the Assads’ side from the earliest days of Hafiz’s assumption of power, and because he was situated at the heart of the military. When foreign statesmen or Syrians thought of a Sunni who could possibly take power, Manaf had to be at the top of the list or very close to the top. Of course, Farouq al-Sharaa, the VP is usually thought of as the Sunni who could serve as an interim leader because he is Vice President, but Manaf is respected by Bashar’s generation and a military leader.
mustafa tlass family
The Tlass family in 1990s? Manaf is on the right. From right to left: Colonel Manaf Tlass and his wife Tala, General Mustafa Tlass and his wife Lamia, Firas Tlass and his wife Rania (Rania is a Jabri (a leading Sunni notable family of Aleppo).

Source: Joshua Landis


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