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Syrian Massacres: “Enough is Enough!”

The Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad has launched an all-encompassing war on its people since March 2011 simply because the Syrian people demanded its most basic rights, such as freedom of speech. In this war, Bashar al-Assad and his brother Maher are following in the footsteps of their late father, Hafez al-Assad, and their uncle Rifaat al-Assad, who is currently living in France. Hafez and Rifaat slaughtered at least 20,000 people in the Hamaa Massacre of 1982 [1]. Since the beginning of the uprising, it has become clear that the younger Assads are reviving the heritage of this bloody dynasty.

The Houla Massacre is not the first atrocity nor is it the most savage one in the 14-month-old uprising. What made it so well-known worldwide is that the U.N. confirmed and documented it. Previous atrocities were never mentioned in the news. No one in the West ever heard of the February 4, 2012 massacre in which 400 people were murdered at the hands of Assad’s army [2]. They died silently; no one ever heard their moans. The Assads’ thirst for blood is never satisfied.

The Houla Massacre was also not the last. It was followed by four other massacres in Hama (33 people were killed, including seven children and five women), two massacres in Homs in a state-owned fertilizer factory (12 workers and 13 civilians were killed because of the regime’s tanks shelling) [3], and the Deir Ezzor massacre (13 workers were killed) [4]. Having witnessed all of these atrocities, we have to say it load and clear: “Enough is enough!”

The Syrian people must be saved from the Assads, and the Assads must be brought before a court of law. The language of diplomatic and financial sanctions resulted in nothing but more slaughters. The international community must address the Assads in a language they understand — the military language. The financial and humanitarian costs of such a procedure might be bad; nevertheless, the cost of not stopping the Assads is much worse on Syria and the West. Such costs can be minimized through resorting to smart weapons to create a safe haven for the civilians on the Turkish, Lebanese, and Jordanian borders and humanitarian corridors to provide aid for civilians in the internal provinces — or at least give the Syrian people the equipment to defend themselves.

Had the international community walked 15 percent of its talk and criticism to Russia and the Assads, Syria would be far safer by now. If it continues its paralysis, the current death toll (14,000 civilians) may continue to rise. The international community has to stop the new Bosnia in Syria, otherwise, there will be another Rwanda in the Middle East. The international community needs to stop talking and start acting now before it is too late.


[1] 1982: Syria’s President Hafez al-Assad Crushes Rebellion in Hama
[2] Syrian Death Toll
[3] SNHR & DCHRS Documentation of the Massacre of Hama
[4] Syria to Place Blame for Houla Massacre


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